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Crew Chief Pro Junior


Crew Chief Pro Junior Tracks, Analyzes and Calculates performance of your engine in changing weather conditions. Meaning, if you race on Saturday and the weather is 50 degrees and windy, then you race on Sunday and the weather is 75 degrees, humid and no wind, what do you do? Weather measurements are completely different from your Saturday readings but Crew Chief Pro Junior will calculate the correct ET. Crew Chief Pro Junior has other features include graphing, top end coaching tools, similar run analysis and unlimited data bases.

One of our favorite customers is Doug Gordon, his daughters are great drivers.  Macie Gordon has won virtually every single race this year.  We are NOT kidding, she won 7 events out of 9 and was in the final round each time.  This has to be a record.  Here is one of the best Junior pilots in the nation!  Crew Chief Pro helps Junior Dragster racers win!

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The Weather Calculations include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wet Bulb
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Dew point
  • Grains
  • Track Elevation
  • Correction factor
  • Corrected altitude/adjusted altitude
  • Dry Density altitude
  • Pressure altitude
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Wind direction/wind speed
  • Track temperature

Crew Chief Pro Exclusive Features

Crew Chief Pro proprietary formulas

Crew Chief Pro Junior has been in the business of calculating drag racing predictions for 25 years. My kids raced Juniors for 12 years so I feel your pain.  The result is we get to test many different formulas. The prediction formulas that prove to be most accurate are then added to the software. Some of our unique formulas are Horse Power Correction, Late Night with Temperature, Late Night with Humidity, and Adjusted Altitude with Barometric Pressure.

Create and customize your own prediction formulas and Crew Chief Pro Junior will run the calculations for you.

We display 3 different calculations and ONE can be your own formula. So if you want the ET to change .01 for 212 feet of Density Altitude and you want 19 points of Barometer and 13 points of Humidity to change the ET then you will have a formula the way you want. Crew Chief Pro Junior will then continue to adjust the ET Predictions while you are in the lanes just the way you would by hand.