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JE Piston with Rings, Wrist Pin, Clips (3.480″ – 3.150″)


Please choose size for your application!

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Our JE Piston ranges from 3.480″ bore all the way up to 3.550″ bore. All pistons come with wrist pin (.490) wrist pin clips, proper ring set and instructions. Compression height is .620. In most cases these pistons need to be decked off to fit properly in your motor. However, we can deck pistons off if you give us a measurement. Please choose size for your application!

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3.480'', 3.490'', 3.500, 3.510'', 3.520'', 3.530'', 3.538'', 3.540'', 3.542'', 3.544'', 3.546'', 3.547'', 3.548'', 3.550''