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Briggs & Stratton LO206


Select your Briggs and Stratton LO206 Package for your application available at Craw’s Racing.

Please call for pricing and with any questions- 609-491-7171

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Craw’s Racing has developed consistent LO206 package paired with a Shockwave Clutch and everything you need to bolt on to your car and go racing.  We recommend sticking with the stock gas carburetor (with a selection of factory slides) for the 13.90 index. All motors will be converted to be used with an electric starter.  Pull start and fan will be removed.

Our modified 33mm Mikuni carburetor will convert the motor to alcohol and ready for 11.90 racing.

13.90 Package Includes- Briggs LO206, Chrome Header, Header Bracket, Flywheel Shield, Starter Nut, Fuel Hose and a Filter, Billet Emergency Shutoff, Craw’s Easy Idle Control Knob, Black/Blue/Red Slides, Throttle Cable, Air Filter and Pre-Filter, Billet Oil Fill Extension w/ Plug, Billet Pulse Fitting, Oil Drain Valve, 12k RPM Briggs Performance Coil, and a Shockwave Non-OD Clutch tuned for the LO206.

Our 11.90 Package will add-  Craw’s 33mm Mikuni Alcohol Carb (sleeved and tuned for the LO206), Billet Manifold, Craw’s NHRA Compliant Billet Carb Top, Rubber Carb Boot, and we will exchange the throttle cable.

Chrome and Black engine cases are available.

Please call with any questions.

Additional Information

Stock Engine, 13.90 Package w/ Clutch, 13.90 Package w/o Clutch, 11.90 Package w/ Clutch, 11.90 Package w/o Clutch

Case Covers

Stock Orange, Chrome, Black