Craw's Racing History, Build Process and Customer Support

What We Do

Since 1995 Craw’s Racing has become the predominant Jr. Dragster engine builders and parts suppliers in the country from chassis and drivetrain parts to wheels, electrical and safety components.

Who We Are

With a collective experience of over 50 years, the Craw’s Racing team of employees are Jr Dragster experts. From their long list of specialty engine services to their immense knowledge of Jr. Dragster parts.

What We Offer

The highly trained staff at Craw’s Racing uses the best quality materials and state of the art machining processes to create some of the fastest and most reliable Jr. Dragster engines on the planet.

Our History

A lifetime passion for junior drag racing.

In 1995 Fred Craw decided to take his lifetime worth of racing and fabricating knowledge and apply that to the up and coming Jr Dragster classes in NHRA and IHRA. Over two decades of experience and thousands of wins later and Craw’s Racing has become the biggest name in Jr Dragster performance.

Craw’s takes pride in their expert staff, high quality building processes and second to none customer service that extends from their online store to weekend track support.

Our Process

High quality staff, components and processes create high quality results.

Craw’s Racing takes pride in every engine and component they produce and sell. Their process and attention to detail is second to none. Their expertly trained staff uses the best quality materials available combined with some of the most modern machining, honing and assembly practices available to create a fast and reliable engine that you and your child can count on for every round.

You can be sure that every Craw’s Racing engine has not only been built to perfection but backed by thousands of wins and countless hours of professional experience.

Customer Service

The source for all things Junior Drag Racing.

Craw’s Racing understand first hand how important it is for parents to make sure every aspect of their child’s Jr Dragster is not only fast and reliable, but most importantly safe. They take pride in the amount of Junior Drag Racing knowledge they have gained over the years and are constantly sharing their wisdom with their customers and fellow racers alike.

From basic parts questions via their online store, to complex engine tuning questions at the track; Craw’s Racing is always available to help.

Looking for Jr. Dragster Parts and Components?

Look no further than the Craw’s Racing Jr. Dragster online superstore.